Sweet Boards by Montana: Shopify website


The website homepage

The homepage features the business’s pro photography

This was my first time designing and building an ecommerce site. Montana had a Shopify account set up already, so I dug into everything I could.

The nationwide shipping page

The store page!

One challenge was deciding how to divide the store between products that could be shipped and those that had to be hand delivered. Our solution was making one page for shippable products and one for local-only products.

I used Shopify’s tags system to make it easy, sustainable, and automatic for Montana to make additions and changes long after I’m gone.

A product page in desktop layout

I had the most fun on the product page! The two-column layout proved best on desktop.

A product page in mobile layout

The mobile view collapses the desktop’s two columns into one.

Shopify has some benefits and drawbacks. I did have a layout from the start, but it was tough to customize. And the in-browser code editor made it tough to test changes.

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