A hyper-local social network for use in third places

A stylized interior shot of a coffee shop showcases the steep app's functionality
Timeline 9 weeks
Role Interaction prototyping, video
Team Six students
Topics augmented reality, app prototyping

Steep connects people who seek socialization in a third place. Users attach conversation-starting status updates (“pins”) to their location in space.

A third place is somewhere, neither home nor work, that serves as a place for socialization. Steep is an app that makes it easier to meet people in these places. Think of it as a social network combined with a conversation starter.

A hand holds a phone with the steep app displayed on the screen

Before a user posts, they can see other users’ pins appear above their respective heads in real space.

A figma board shows the prototyping process

We designed everything from minute graphic details to the AR pop-up layouts in Figma; above, our user flow for the video protoype was made to intertwine with our video production process.

The steep app's scroll screen, or feed

When it’s not feasible to hold your phone camera up, you can see other users’ pins in the non-AR feed.

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