Cookbook Collab

For my blog, I asked a bunch of friends to send me a recipe. It was little more than an excuse to play around with <ol>s and <ul>s (instructions and ingredients, respectively).

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The table of contents

The table of contents features gradient-filled text to evoke the heat of the kitchen!

The font for the headings is Taters, a potato-inspired font by Tommi Sharp.

Screenshot of Anna and Paul’s Sauce recipe

Many of the recipes were handwritten or texted to me, so I made sure to capture what it felt like to navigate the originals, while also keeping every recipe in uniform style with the rest of the cookbook.

Another (more famous) recipe compilation like this is Questlove’s Mixtape Potluck. He strives less for maintaining the original format and more for telling his own story about the recipe. I love that book!

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