Oliver Norred's sound portfolio: past composition and production work

Podcast score for The Choir of Heirs


A picture of the Regular Movements quartet recording pieces for the choir of heirs podcast score

I composed and produced full pieces and short musical cues under the direction of podcast creator Grayson Teals (my cousin!) He gave a list of necessary pieces, their expected durations, and emotional descriptors for each piece.

For the work with the Regular Movements Quartet, I wrote sheet music, mostly lead sheets, so that we could record with little rehearsal.

Oliver Norred ยท Selected Works from the Choir of Heirs original podcast soundtrack

Three Songs Done Right: original music


Three Songs Done Right album cover

Four compositions written for guitar and voice, performed and recorded outdoors in a few hours.

Video footage of the recording session published to YouTube.

All of Our Cornbread: original music


All of Our Cornbread's album cover

With a seven-piece band, I wrote, recorded, and produced seven songs this year for an album, We Like It When We Play Our Tunes.

"We Like It When We Play Our Tunes," the title track from our album


Computer Time!

The Creature Makes But One Demand + Who Took This Picture?, two anxious, absurdist, paranoid songs paying tribute to the late Pharoah Sanders

Helping, a pop-funk song about stress eating

Markgrafenstrasse, an instrumental interlude

Too Much Time, recorded with the whole band together in my basement

Our album's title track, a tribute to the music of Sun Ra

You may enjoy this YouTube playlist of "Ableton Session Tours," in which I discuss my production and composition choices for All of Our Cornbread songs.

We also play live sometimes! We post show dates on Instagram (@allofourcornbread) and on our mailing list

Thumbtack Ceiling: ambient music


Album cover for Thumbtack Ceiling

I worked with my friend Cole Krueger to record seven pieces of instrumental ambient music in one evening. Includes piano, synthesizer, guitar, and found sounds.

Track 1: A Muddled Moment

Track 7: A Lucid Moment