Andrew Maher’s


Granola is Jazz. Improvise when possible, and enjoy the process!


The main ratios to remember are as follows: 4:1 dry to wet, and 2:1 fat to liquid.

For the dry portion, I like rolled oats as the base. Nuts, seeds, berries and chocolate are wonderful additions to the dry ensemble.

For wet, I do 2 parts peanut butter and 1 part honey. Experiment with different nut butters! Try making a brown sugar syrup! It helps to warm up the peanut butter and honey before you mix it (makes it easy to stir).

Mix the wet and dry, then press it into a baking sheet with parchment paper on top. The harder you press it, the crispier.

Bake that puppy on 325 for 20-25 min or until brown!!

Best enjoyed frozen and in big chunks.