One Year of All of Our Cornbread

Oliver Norred, 14 December 2022

It’s hard to remember exactly when, but All of Our Cornbread started rehearsing in mid-December, 2021. Our first show wasn’t till April 1st, 2022, but to me the start of the band was somewhere around the turn of the year. To me, Cornbread represents the transformation of my songs from digital documents to real, experienceable, creatable things. It was like making a bunch of posters in the Photoshop iPhone app, waiting six months, and finally printing them out to see them on a 17x24" page.

Tomorrow, we’re playing a show at Cafe Racer. I had to fill out a tax form for this show—what a dream come true. For the first four months of the band’s existence, I was convinced we would never play a gig. To be honest, I still don’t know how to successfully email a booking contact. But I’ll get there.