Favorite doggerel from summer 2020

Oliver Norred, 14 August 2020

3/17/20 Why are your strings so short and thin?
And why do you play so ‘neath the din
Of a battle fought hard against the sick and sin
For 400Hz max, 40Hz min?

5/4/20 Think of the wants you want the most:
Think of successes that you can boast;
Think of the water, the wind, the coast;
And think of delicious butter on toast!
These are some wants; you want them, you know.
But your needs . . .
Now, only those you can sow!

5/10/20 A son defines a mother,
As mother guides her son.
To wish for any other
Is mistake number one!
A sibling—sister, brother
Can repair love undone,
But long as you’ve a mother,
Her love’s already won.

6/11/20 To take a work
And make it fly
Is quite the perk
I can’t deny.
But hold you not
Your pride so high . . .
That wingèd yacht
Fell from the sky!

8/7/20 Been saying
This for years.
Fries are thin,
Beef is thin,
Buns are thin,
Lines are long . . .
What’s to like?

8/14/20 New places, new people, everything’s new.
I’d live here; it feels like I already do.
When you’re with a family that is yours to choose,
Life becomes fresh, and the world renews.

8/14/20 The early bird gets the worm, they say,
But is it worth the bleary, red eyes?
I’d pass up the worm almost any day,
Though I might wake to see the sun rise.