Anniversary note 💕

Oliver Norred, 17 October 2020

To the love of my life:

Happy anniversary.

I know we’ve had our fights, like that time we took that road trip to the Oregon dunes and we were taking a stop at a rest area and there were no normal parking spaces left, there was only parallel parking, and I was nervous so I couldn’t parallel park and you laughed at me and I lashed out and yelled, “Don’t laugh at me!” and you cried for half an hour until I promised to buy you a bag of those smooth rocks you like at the gift shop, but when we got to the gift shop and I came out with the rocks you said you only wanted the blue ones and that there were only, like, 2 blue ones in the little drawstring felt bag, and so I said, “Well it would have been helpful to know that before I went in the gift shop, babe” and that hurt your feelings so you wouldn’t let me drive away until I went back in and returned the non blue rocks and got more blue ones.

Happy three months, baby 😊.


Oliver “ModernWarfareKing420” Norred